Sleep Dentistry

Take the anxiety out of dental procedures

If your child is a little squeamish or slightly spooked by the dentist, then we’ll administer “laughing gas.” Nitrous Oxide has been used in dental procedures for a very long time. It was safe back then and it’s safe now. It will help take the edge off for your child, while they’re sitting in the dental chair. They’ll be fully awake during the entire procedure. We offer this to children with or without special needs.

However, if your child is about to have extensive work…

or they do have special needs and an inability to remain still for a long period of time, we do offer Sleep Dentistry. We have a partnership with the Children’s Surgery Center at Malvern, where your child will be scheduled to have their procedure.

THIS IS NOT A REFERRAL. The doctor who performs your child’s dental care at Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry will be the same doctor at the Children’s Surgery Center at Malvern. This facility is just better equipped to handle the anesthesia needs as they have their very own dental surgery section.