Space Maintainers

Sometimes your child loses baby teeth earlier than expected.

When a child loses a primary tooth too soon, the permanent tooth may not be ready to break through the gum. As a result, the space needs to be maintained in order for it to emerge in the right position. Hence the need for space maintainers!

The procedure to make a space maintainer is relatively simple. A mold of your childโ€™s mouth is taken, so that each space maintainer is custom fit for your child. Space maintainers are made of metal and plastic and may take a few days for your child to get used to its presence. However, once they become familiar with it, they wonโ€™t even realize itโ€™s in their mouth! Theyโ€™ll be thanking you in the form of their perfectly aligned smile as they get older!

If your child has lost a baby tooth and you’re concerned about the alignment of their adult teeth, please schedule an appointment with Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry or call us at 610.409.2599.